Diabolik Lovers

To those of you who love reverse-harem anime, you’ve most likely heard of this. I’d heard plenty about it (mixed reviews) and sort of procrastinated about watching it. I do like reverse-harem -it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure- as it’s just sort of funny and adorable. Things like Ouran High School Host Club for example.

So the other day, I got around to watching Diabolik Lovers. Not a fan.

Don’t fret, I’m going to give details.

First thing: It’s boring. It just is. Each episode is quite repetitive.

Second thing: The main girl’s an air head. In most romance anime, the main girl is an air head. And it’s beginning to piss me off. They’re either air heads, or push overs. I know anime is obviously not real life, but most girls really are not like that. In fact, most of us are probably too much the opposite.

Third thing: The boys are sadistic, and the girl’s a clear massarcist (did I spell that right?). They constantly abuse her, pushing her to do things she doesn’t want to. They all disrespect her and she doesn’t fight back (not much, anyway. All she really does is beg).

I love anime, and a little bit of romance every now and then, but in most of what I’ve seen the girls are portrayed as either an air head, or just pathetic. You can watch Diabolik Lovers if you want, but I highly suggest you use your time doing something else.


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