What am I going to blog about?

Truth be told, I don’t really know why I’ve started this. Just a bit of fun, I suppose. As well as a little experiment.

I’m going to blog about interesting things I do, for starters. But don’t worry; I rarely do anything exciting with my life, so that probably will rarely ever happen. I’m also going to blog reviews on recent anime, movies, books, video games etc. that I’ve watched/ read/ played. I may also just rant about things, or if it’s late at night, I may post some real deep stuff.

This is more for my own benefit, as I know nobody else is going to really pay attention to this. Not that I mind of course; give me a week and I’ll forget that this even exists.

Feel free to ask any questions. Just know I live in England, so if you don’t, the time of day I post things may appear a little odd.


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