Why do people still do Easter?

As a non-Christian in a Christian based country (UK) I do still celebrate Christian holidays out of respect for my family (who are ‘Christian’). But the fact is, the holidays most celebrate in the name of Christianity have lost their meaning. How many people honestly celebrate Christmas to celebrate Jesus’ birth? Not as many as you might think.

What angers me, is a particular friend of mine. He is an atheist (which is perfectly fine) and his family are too. However, in RE lessons he continuously abuses those who believe in God, or any kind of religion. He calls them ‘stupid’ and ‘weak and alone’. Then what else does he do? Celebrates Christmas.

If anyone reads this, then I know what you may be thinking. ‘Christmas is more than Jesus’ birth now’. I get that, it is. But if you want something like that, then why don’t you celebrate it at New Years, or even a solstice. Most people (like my family) have been Christened, but neither attend Church or even believe in God. It is plainly because their family had them Christened.

Now, onto the title. Easter. Easter has gone from acknowledging that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected, to fluffy chicks and bunnies and Easter egg hunts. Now I ask you; how many of you actually know why we celebrate it with eggs? Do any of you even care about why we celebrate it? Or do you really just focus on stuffing your face?

Sorry for the rant. Truly. It’s just a piss take when people who actually laugh at Christianity celebrate these holidays. They don’t even do it out of respect. So please, consider this next holiday!


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