Uncharted (videogame series)

I played this series a long time ago, but as I was watching a cut scenes movie of the third game, I remembered my unhealthy love of it.

Uncharted is an action/ adventure/ puzzle game on PlayStation (and Xbox, maybe? Idk I don’t use Xbox) and it follows Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan on their ‘tomb raiding’ adventures. So yeah, if you love a bit of Lara Croft, then you’ll definitely love Uncharted.

Uncharted has 3 (major) games currently (the fourth is going to be released soon for PlayStation 4, so I can’t play it 😦 ) and each is better than the last. It has good quality image, a good story line in each game, and a lot of shooting and ‘free running’. It can also teach you a bit of history (but do note it clearly isn’t all non-fiction).

Uncharted takes you around the world with different cultures, from France to Syria to Arabia. It does have a tiny bit of romance, but it really isn’t significant. There are also a couple of jokes in there (some of which I only recently understand) and some fight scenes which will definitely give you a challenge.

If you are a fellow gamer and some how have not played this series yet, I highly suggest you give it a try.


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