You may have heard complete mixed reviews on this show. Some who have read the book despise it for its changes and the fact the actors are relatively new to the scene and still learning. Others love it for the real life thing of Malec (me included).

The thing about Shadowhunters, and all TV shows based off of books (PLL, anyone?) is that they change things. That’s what they do. If you only use the book material, it can get boring. And the readers/ watchers must remember that when you’re reading a book, nobody imagines it the same way.

Shadowhunters is based off of the mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It focuses on the Shadowhunters and their fight against demons and even fellow Shadowhunters. It also includes 3 main (adorable) ships; Malec, Clace and Sizzy. There’s a reason it’s got such a big and crazy fandom. The series was given a movie (City of Bones) but it didn’t return for a sequel. Sadly we never got the chance to see the beautiful Jamie Campbell Bower in action as Jace again. However, when we found out there was going to be a TV show, everybody hyped about it. Doing anything based off of anything (comics, books, video games etc.) is always risky business. If you fail you have a lot of angry fangirls/ fanboys on your hands.

Let me start off by saying; I love the show. I don’t just love it because of Malec, however. The show did get a lot better after the first couple of episodes. Not only is it quite entertaining and different, but the cast are very respectful and careful with their characters. Sure, there have been quite some differences, but that is completely fine. It is a TV show, and not a movie. They need more material. The show is also quite funny at times, as well as serious. You already see the characters evolve, and it’s only been 12 episodes so far (luckily, we are going to get a second season!). The effects on the show could use improvement, but if you prioritise things that make a good show, that really is far down the list. And lastly, the cast is just beautiful to look at.

Even if you’ve heard hate, or watched the first few episodes and given up; I suggest you watch it. Whether you’ve read the books or not. It’s creative and adorable. But I’ll give you a hint- if, like me, you like in England and therefore watch the show after the Americans- do not go on Tumblr.


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