Pet Peeves, anyone?

I’m writing this because I was thinking about one of mine.

  1. Having barely anybody to cosplay as for comic-con. As a POC, and a perfectionist (I like my cosplay to look exact) I find myself sadly limited when it comes to cosplay. That goes for video-game, book, comic book, TV, anime and film characters. Of course there are a few, like Zoe Castillo from Dreamfall, or Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. But honestly, it’s a drag. I’m honestly stuck on who to go as (although I’m currently leaning on Zoe).
  2. When I’m sat with nothing to do and I can’t think of something to watch. As a shut-in, I always need something to marathon. So when I’m stuck in times without, I start having withdrawal symptoms. I become miserable. And sometimes it can take me a while to find something new. In fact, it can take me a while to even find a genre that I want.
  3. People who drive with the car window open. As somebody who despises wind, sitting in an enclosed space with it is irritating.
  4. People who ask you to like their profile picture. There’s no point in it. Having more like on your pictures shows and means nothing. It’s a picture. And even if they say ‘fishing for like lol’ it doesn’t make it any less stupid.
  5. When people get annoyed if you say ‘I only got an A/B’. I don’t say that because it’s a bad grade. I know it’s not. I say it because I can do better. Truth be told I’m lazy and don’t revise and I don’t really deserve anything. But still, don’t take it the wrong way.
  6. People who ask what I’m reading and then say they hate reading. I’m reading. I clearly don’t hate it. And if I’m reading don’t even talk to me. And honestly, I don’t care if you don’t.
  7. People who only talk to you when they’re sad. I have a friend to whom I haven’t spoken to properly since I helped her with a break up. I have tried, but I’m invisible to her. Despite the fact I’m the only one who helped her.
  8. People who like to think they have the worst life in the world. Think your life is shit is normal for people my age. But when I console in someone about how I needed counseling or they asked me things about my past and they then feel the need to out-pity me it’s annoying. Even if their life is worse than mine. Or people who basically tell me I can’t be sad because there are people with worse lives out there. What, can I not be happy either because people out there are happier?
  9. The biggest pet peeve; when people judge me on my past. Sure, I was a shitty person. A liar, an attention seeker; but I’m not that anymore. I learned from my mistakes, converted religion (well, it’s not technically a religion), and I’ve never and will never do it again. And then people still hate me, well, they hate the person I used to be and can’t let it go. And then they like to remind me of it; even though I remember it every day anyway.

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