I’m going to sum this up; it is one of the best anime’s I’ve ever watched.

Noragami is about an unknown God, Yato, his ‘weapon’, Yukine, and a girl whose soul keeps slipping out of her body, Hiyori. It follows the stories of the wishes Yato has to fulfill, as well as seeing a change in character relationships and Yato’s past.

It’s funny. That’s one of the main reasons I love this show. It’s serious and comical at the same time. The characters are over-dramatic in a non-irritating way, and well; it’s difficult to describe why I find it hilarious. Just know that I rarely laugh and tend to hate comedies; but this is definitely an exception.

The characters are amazing. The best stories show how characters grow, and in Noragami, you really can. Hiyori is a girl in anime I can actually stand. Despite being powerless, she’s fierce and kind. In the beginning she fucking gets hit by a bus in order to save a stranger. Not only that, but she’s selfless and cares very much for Yato and Yukine. As Yato is a forgettable God, she does things like says she wants to be with him forever, and even builds him his first shrine. Yukine is a character you can really understand. He starts off angry and depressed over the fact he’s dead. You really get to pity him. Of course, you see him evolve, and you get to witness him trying hard to be normal as well as beginning to be kind to Yato (and even risking his life to save him). Then, Yato, who is torn about the terrible things he did in his past, as well as living in misery over the fact nobody can remember him and he’s a minor God. There are other characters too, and in Noragami you really get a glimpse of their lives, and can truly immerse yourself in them. You can feel what they feel.

Noragami is action packed, comical and heart warming. If you’re looking for a fun, interesting and happy anime, definitely watch it. I’m definitely glad I did!



  1. Arria Cross · April 7, 2016

    I just recently watched this myself because I got envious of my anime buddies for talking about this and I couldn’t relate. I always find my Twitter timeline & blog reader flooded with posts about Noragami, so I decided to watch it too. I loved it, too! So glad I did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrylittlehikikomori · April 8, 2016

      Honestly, I saw a picture of Yukine and thought he was cute so I watched it. And I’d heard a lot about it. I’m so happy I watched it too! Can’t believe I didn’t watch it earlier!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Arria Cross · April 8, 2016

        Ahaha. I know exactly how you feel. At least we already watched it, so we know what happened now. We won’t feel out-of-place anymore when other fans talk about it.

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