Why I hate books like the Raven Boys

I’ll start this off by saying I fucking love this book. I’ll get on to why I hate it later. But honestly, I’ve been looking for a good read, and then tumblr showed me this piece of art. So naturally, I went to Plymouth and went into every bookshop (just WHSmith and Waterstones, really) to find it. And I did. Being the poor person I am, I could only afford the first book. And I finished it in less than half a day.

The Raven Boys is about a daughter of a psychic  (Blue) and the Raven Boys, Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah. The Raven Boys are boys who attend an all boys school for rich kids. At the beginning, Blue finds out that Gansey is going to die within twelve months; and he’ll either be her true love, or she’ll kiss him. Or both (which it is going to be both). Gansey is seeking a lost ex-prince of Wales, who granted him life when he died 7 years ago.

It is a romance, and normally I really don’t go for that kind of stuff. But honestly, the romance isn’t shoved in your face like Twilight. It’s subtle, and it is presented in such a way that you get on board the ship. It’s a book that I really couldn’t put down, and even though I do love reading, that doesn’t happen often (I’m easily distracted). There’s a wonderful amount of detail, but it’s not a book you have to put in effort to read. You notice the traits of the characters, and they’re not stereotypical, either. And I know I’m going to my towns library ASAP to find out if they have the others (the final one is coming out on the 26th, so yay! I don’t have to wait). Maggie (the author) allows you to really travel to where they are, and immerse yourself in their stories.

The reason I hate books like this is it makes me hate life. It makes me realise how boring the real world fucking is, and reminds me of my yearning to go somewhere different. I know, when I’m older, the ‘whole world will be in my hands’. But that won’t be for a while. And in this economy, I wish myself luck on affording travelling. But in the end, I’ll just meet some cool people, see some cool places, get a job, pay some taxes, retire and then die. Well, that’s if I don’t die at a young age. And there’s already millions in the world doing exactly all of that; so really, what’s the point? So yeah, to sum this up; I love the ravens boys. But books like it make me realise how boring and pointless my life is. It makes me realise how I truly wish I could be somewhere else.


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