(Picture involves Korra on the left, Aang on the right. Both sets of seasons, LOK left, TLA right)

Okay, so I started the sequel seasons (Legend of Korra) and there were some things which I wanted to write about the two sets of seasons (the first being The Last Airbender).

Avatar is an anime styled American cartoon, about element benders and one Avatar (somebody who can control all elements). In TLA is focuses on the Avatar, Aang, and rising up against the fire nation. With him, there is Katara (a waterbender) and her brother, Sokka (a nonbender). They travel around the world so Aang can learn all the elements, and save everybody from the fire nations power. They’re later joined by Toph (a blind earthbender) and Zukko (the son of the fire nations prince, a firebender). So far from what I’ve gathered, LOK is about Korra, the avatar, Bolin and Mako (two brothers, an earth and firebender) and Asami (a nonbender). I’m not too sure on the storyline, but season one involves nonbenders trying to take over.

The point is; it’s an amazing show. And not just because it’s action packed and fucking hilarious, but it has some brilliant lessons. It shows us about being equal and accepting responsibilities. It has a diverse cast and in LOK there’s a same sex relationship. It shows the characters searching for their purpose, fighting for what’s right and exploring all they can. Not to mention each character has flaws, which they evolve on as the series goes on. You also see the change in relationships grow too, from enemies to friends and vice versus.

Basically, if you’re looking for a funny, action, meaningful watch, I tell you to watch it.


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