Fans of the impossible life

So every now and then, when I actually have money (or my school has given me a voucher for hardwork/ house points etc.) I go into WHSmith and buy a book which I haven’t of before. Normally (eg. The Raven Boys) I’ll have seen it on tumblr or a friend would’ve suggested it. But sometimes I’ll try something new.

I saw this book, and with the name, it intrigued me. I am a fan of the impossible life myself, so I figured I could perhaps to relate to it.


  1. Same sex couples. It’s odd, but it’s always enjoyable to read about them (as a bisexual myself). It’s different. It shows how society is evolving. Of course, I’d like to read one where they’re not oppressed or bullied and just have a normal, cute relationship, but that’s okay.
  2. There’s stuff about bullying, depression and drugs. It doesn’t romanticize depression, and it doesn’t make drugs look appealing either. And with bullying, it is shown in a slightly childish sense, but it does happen. And the characters aren’t strong, either. They’re regular people, who get hurt and take a while to get back up. It also mentions not feeling comfortable with your own skin. But she gets over it and embraces herself (she doesn’t lose weight, that I recall).
  3. There are some pretty cool quotes. Always gotta love that.
  4. There’s first, second and third person. I quite like that.


  1. Nothing is solved. I know I sometimes complain about everything having a happy ending, but it was weird. A kid ended up getting sent away from his foster home, is taking drugs, hates life, abandons his friends and just runs away. At that’s how it ends. Not to mention, a kind teacher ends up being fired for inappropriate behavior with students (a wrong assumption here).  It’s just a sad ending. Not to mention the person who grassed him up never got to make up for their action.
  2. It got a bit boring. The conversations dragged out with nothing else really happening. And the description can be quite unimaginative at times, as well as bland.
  3. Weird stuff happens and I have no fucking idea. The two gays end up making out with their girl best friend for fun. And that it seriously not in one of their characters traits. And there’s no purpose behind it.
  4. If you write a book with drugs and stuff, it has to have meaning. This didn’t. He took it to escape; great. But he didn’t overcome it. It made drugs sound like it truly can help you, without showing the repercussions of it (really).

Overall? I’ve give it a 5/10. Too many loose ends and pointless things. It didn’t flow, and at the end I wondered why I had even read it. What I had even learned. Books teach you things you can’t in school; but with this one, I don’t know.



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