I was talking to a friend, and I was thinking some things. I (as stupid as this sounds) often forget that not everybody is like me. I noticed this when we were talking about goals, and his goal was to ‘meet the one’ and ‘find love’, whilst mine was to have my hard work pay off and end up in a job I enjoy, taking my role in the world. Love is something I dismiss as a bit of enjoyment along the way. And realising that that truly was his goal, I noted on how different we were. I was also amazed that that was anyone’s goal; or that anyone had a goal different to mine. I know it sounds shallow, but I just forget sometimes.

Not just that, but I recently did a 16 personality test (and I highly suggest you do it too, just look it up!) and I also realised there were other people exactly like me. It’s odd; I can think I’m unique and different, as well as thinking everybody else is like me at the same time. So I did the test (if you’ve done it, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I got the ENTJ-A personality. Aka. the commander) and it was crazy how relatable it was! It made me think about how most of my personality I hid (so I can be more likeable) and that I really just want to be my bossy, ruthless self. So I’m working on that right now. I also looked at the other personality types, and it was interesting to see the other types of people. Some of them, I seriously couldn’t understand, and others I could partially relate too.

I just think it’s crazy how all of us think different things, and learn different things from similar experiences. How we can actually be friends who believe things completely opposite to us. But that keeps things interesting! It makes me wonder about all the types of people I’ve met in my life, how they’ve evolved, as well as me thinking about the types of people I’ll get the pleasure to meet someday. All I’m truly certain is; I will continue to do as I am, do summer schools (I’m actually doing Bristol, Bath and Imperial College this year) and things like NCS so I can meet more of these people, and have fun on my way to finding my role in life.


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