Captain America: Civil War

So this will only be short as I do not want to post too many spoilers. But there will be some in here, so avoid this if you don’t want to see them.

Overall; brilliant. I am a lover of Marvel films, and this of course was no exception. The thing I love about Civil War is that it’s more personal. It’s not them fighting some alien or robot army; but themselves. And I love that sense of difference. There are no good or bad guys in the main battle (well, there is a bad guy, but he’s not the most relevant). Not to mention it shows the dark side of being a hero, and the reality of what happens behind the scenes.

I loved the fact there was a good portion of humour in it. The humour made it realistic; well, the characters more human. There’s Spider-man (who’s an actual teenager) and Black Panther (who’s attractive and bad ass!), and of course they bring Ant-man into it (whose film I loved, and he as a character is amazing). You see relationships building (eg. Vision and Scarlet Witch) and relationships being broken (that one’s obvious). There’s loads of good action in the film too, so you don’t get bored.

The movie hit me right in my feels. You discover how Stark’s parents died, and if you think about Stark, he’s a sad character. He created Ultron and it resulted in many deaths. That’s why he wants to sign the accords, probably. He’s guilty, lost somebody he loves (Pepper) and loses a team he assembled; in a sense, it was he who tore them apart. So God knows how he’s feeling at the end of the movie. And any movie that gets me sad about somebody has done a good job.

The only thing my friends and I disliked was the ending. Of course, it wasn’t going to be like the comics (those of you who’ve read them will understand) but it was anti-climatic. It ended with an apology letter, basically. It doesn’t properly get settled. And that’s annoying as fuck. It’s abrupt and makes most of the movie seem pointless.

To sum it up, you should watch it. It does live up to the hype, and of course Marvel is building up to Infinity Wars (which I am dying for), but obviously it doesn’t end the best. It is one of the best Marvel films out there, the only ones I prefer being Ant-man and Age of Ultron.


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