Not to get political here…

For those of you who don’t know, there was a recent election in London for the next Mayor. Now, I really don’t know a lot about politics, and I don’t even live in London, but it was something I wanted to talk a bit about.

The ‘winner’ was Sadiq Khan, and most noticeably for people, a Muslim. So of course, massive arguments and appearing, and sides are forming. Of course with ISIS (a supposed ‘Muslim’ group) and Islamophobia growing, people are afraid. And what I say to that? Idiots. In my opinion, ISIS are not, Muslims. Anyone who kills for any God has no right to call themselves a Muslim (note. I’m not a Muslim, but a Buddhist). Not to mention people don’t judge Christians off the fucking (excuse the swear) KKK so why base the entirety of Islam off of ISIS in the first place?

Also, people shouldn’t even pay attention to his religion. As long as he does a good job as Mayor, who gives a flying damn? I hope one day we reach an age, where somebody can be elected as Mayor or Prime Minister, and nobody say ‘first Muslim’ or ‘first coloured person’ or just notice anything like that. This brings me to Hillary Clinton (if I got the spelling wrong, I don’t care). I know she’s obviously running for President over in the USofA, but it’s what she does. She pulls the woman card too much. The fact she’s a woman doesn’t matter. As long as she has good hopes, good ideas and good intentions for it, her gender literally doesn’t matter. Sure, it could be a big deal as the first woman President, but as the candidate don’t pull that card. Honestly, it shows that you’re just desperate and running out of ideas. Or your campaign isn’t enough, and you have to go to last resorts.

I apologise for the rant, but this is more for my sake. I’m not very political, but when things like race, religion and gender are brought into things, I get opinionated. London is a cultured city, with people truly from all walks of life, so things like a non-Christian Mayor should be common. The population is diverse; and therefore so should the election pool.


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  1. Christ Centered Teaching · May 8, 2016

    Why judge Islam by ISIS ?
    Unlike the violence recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible as a one time historical event for purposes unclear, The Quran’s calls for violence are for all time. There is no new testament in the Quran. The sword is called for . So ISIS is only a strict version of Islam, but not a perversion of Islam.
    Islam is nothing like any other religion in this regard.
    It blows the mind to learn that.
    Only a personal study of the Quran reveals that.

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