Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran was one of the first anime I’ve watched. I was only going to review more recent anime I’ve seen, but a post asking me about my first anime made me remember it. As well as my love of it. (Come on season 2, please!)

Ouran is about a scholarship student (Haruhi) and the Host Club; a group of boys who tends to the needs of young women. That may make them sound like prostitutes, but they’re gentleman who simply chat with and compliment the young ladies. Haruhi breaks a vase and then owes them a lot of money, so in order to repay it, she works for them. After giving her a makeover, they make her a member of the club. Even when they discover she’s a girl, they allow her to stay (as Tamaki, The Kings, thinks she’s cute). The series is then about their wacky adventures and overloading cuteness.

When I first watched it, I was new to anime. I thought it was weird, and had to watch the first few episodes a couple of time to get my head around it. Of course now, I realise it’s very tame in comparison to other animes. Ouran remains one of my favourites, as it’s hilarious and you just ship the fuck out of Tamaki and Haruhi.Because the anime doesn’t catch up to the manga, I read it because I couldn’t live knowing that they would end up together (and I wouldn’t see it).

Even if you’re one for darker animes, I suggest you give it a try. Even a boy I know (very ‘manly’) admitted he loved it. Sure there’s teased twincest and boys who seem pretty gay, but that makes it funny and different. Not to mention they’re very beautiful looking characters.

The show isn’t even a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure. I’m not ashamed of liking something as unique as Ouran! And if you’ve read my previous blogs/ reviews, you know I have a hard sense of humour. But, I can say, I laughed a lot at this! I also don’t obsess over many things; but this was definitely an exception. (note. it’s a reverse-harem).


Why I hate books like the Raven Boys

I’ll start this off by saying I fucking love this book. I’ll get on to why I hate it later. But honestly, I’ve been looking for a good read, and then tumblr showed me this piece of art. So naturally, I went to Plymouth and went into every bookshop (just WHSmith and Waterstones, really) to find it. And I did. Being the poor person I am, I could only afford the first book. And I finished it in less than half a day.

The Raven Boys is about a daughter of a psychic  (Blue) and the Raven Boys, Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah. The Raven Boys are boys who attend an all boys school for rich kids. At the beginning, Blue finds out that Gansey is going to die within twelve months; and he’ll either be her true love, or she’ll kiss him. Or both (which it is going to be both). Gansey is seeking a lost ex-prince of Wales, who granted him life when he died 7 years ago.

It is a romance, and normally I really don’t go for that kind of stuff. But honestly, the romance isn’t shoved in your face like Twilight. It’s subtle, and it is presented in such a way that you get on board the ship. It’s a book that I really couldn’t put down, and even though I do love reading, that doesn’t happen often (I’m easily distracted). There’s a wonderful amount of detail, but it’s not a book you have to put in effort to read. You notice the traits of the characters, and they’re not stereotypical, either. And I know I’m going to my towns library ASAP to find out if they have the others (the final one is coming out on the 26th, so yay! I don’t have to wait). Maggie (the author) allows you to really travel to where they are, and immerse yourself in their stories.

The reason I hate books like this is it makes me hate life. It makes me realise how boring the real world fucking is, and reminds me of my yearning to go somewhere different. I know, when I’m older, the ‘whole world will be in my hands’. But that won’t be for a while. And in this economy, I wish myself luck on affording travelling. But in the end, I’ll just meet some cool people, see some cool places, get a job, pay some taxes, retire and then die. Well, that’s if I don’t die at a young age. And there’s already millions in the world doing exactly all of that; so really, what’s the point? So yeah, to sum this up; I love the ravens boys. But books like it make me realise how boring and pointless my life is. It makes me realise how I truly wish I could be somewhere else.


I’m going to sum this up; it is one of the best anime’s I’ve ever watched.

Noragami is about an unknown God, Yato, his ‘weapon’, Yukine, and a girl whose soul keeps slipping out of her body, Hiyori. It follows the stories of the wishes Yato has to fulfill, as well as seeing a change in character relationships and Yato’s past.

It’s funny. That’s one of the main reasons I love this show. It’s serious and comical at the same time. The characters are over-dramatic in a non-irritating way, and well; it’s difficult to describe why I find it hilarious. Just know that I rarely laugh and tend to hate comedies; but this is definitely an exception.

The characters are amazing. The best stories show how characters grow, and in Noragami, you really can. Hiyori is a girl in anime I can actually stand. Despite being powerless, she’s fierce and kind. In the beginning she fucking gets hit by a bus in order to save a stranger. Not only that, but she’s selfless and cares very much for Yato and Yukine. As Yato is a forgettable God, she does things like says she wants to be with him forever, and even builds him his first shrine. Yukine is a character you can really understand. He starts off angry and depressed over the fact he’s dead. You really get to pity him. Of course, you see him evolve, and you get to witness him trying hard to be normal as well as beginning to be kind to Yato (and even risking his life to save him). Then, Yato, who is torn about the terrible things he did in his past, as well as living in misery over the fact nobody can remember him and he’s a minor God. There are other characters too, and in Noragami you really get a glimpse of their lives, and can truly immerse yourself in them. You can feel what they feel.

Noragami is action packed, comical and heart warming. If you’re looking for a fun, interesting and happy anime, definitely watch it. I’m definitely glad I did!

Black Butler

Black Butler was the first anime I bought. I’ve obviously watched some before it, but this was the first I decided to spend my money on. I take my friends suggestions very seriously. (It wasn’t expensive really, but for me it was).

Black Butler is about a boy (Ciel) whose parents are killed. Out of desperation he made a deal with a demon; the demon will help find those responsible, and when that is carried out, the demon will devour his soul. The demon takes the place of his butler and is called Sebastian. They then take on mysteries the queen sets them out on, as well as trying to figure out who’s behind everything.

Overall; it’s good. It’s gorey and funny at a lot of times. Sure, the English accent is very typical, but the show has an interesting storyline and unique characters. Ciel is one of the only characters I’ve seen to maintain anger and revenge throughout the story, without learning to deal with it. Sure, the anime goes a little different to the manga partway through, but it’s still enjoyable. Any anime that can get your blood boiling when you see a certain character is probably pretty good. Not to mention the art in the show is fantastic, and very pleasing to look at (I find). Sure, one of the characters pisses me the fuck off, and Ciel is a pretty black and white character, but they’re minor in comparison to the enjoyment I got out of it. So if you like a bit of gore, an attempt of the English (not British) accent, crime solving, attractive demons and humour, then do give it a try!

(Did I mention the show also makes you imagine a life with unimaginable wealth? I spent days imaging it!)


This will only be a short blog.

Like a normal human being, I have regrets. One of the being made on Saturday night. There was a party (yes, with alcohol) that I was invited to. I could’ve gone and had a wicked time, or at least have left the house once last week. But I didn’t go. Know why? Because I didn’t really know anybody there, which is true. But still, most would be drunk anyway so that probably wouldn’t be too hard. Not to mention a guy I thought was really cute was there. Sure, I’m annoyed that my ‘best friend’ didn’t even notice I wasn’t there until I messaged her saying I’ll give her her present on Monday. But I wish I’d gone.

It’s weird how you can end up regretting something so fast. Or you can still have the regret from something that happened almost 2 years ago. And honestly, I have no idea how to make it go away. But a part of me doesn’t want it to. In some situations, I deserve the guilt because the things I did were shitty. I constantly replay the day in my head, and get angry with myself. ‘If I could go back into the past…’ but that can’t happen. Sure, those things made me a better person (I hope!) however they still hurt.

You know what scares me? The fact I still have a lot of mistakes and regrets to make in my life. It freaks me out. I’d like to think I’m smart enough not to; but I know I’m really not.

Pet Peeves, anyone?

I’m writing this because I was thinking about one of mine.

  1. Having barely anybody to cosplay as for comic-con. As a POC, and a perfectionist (I like my cosplay to look exact) I find myself sadly limited when it comes to cosplay. That goes for video-game, book, comic book, TV, anime and film characters. Of course there are a few, like Zoe Castillo from Dreamfall, or Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. But honestly, it’s a drag. I’m honestly stuck on who to go as (although I’m currently leaning on Zoe).
  2. When I’m sat with nothing to do and I can’t think of something to watch. As a shut-in, I always need something to marathon. So when I’m stuck in times without, I start having withdrawal symptoms. I become miserable. And sometimes it can take me a while to find something new. In fact, it can take me a while to even find a genre that I want.
  3. People who drive with the car window open. As somebody who despises wind, sitting in an enclosed space with it is irritating.
  4. People who ask you to like their profile picture. There’s no point in it. Having more like on your pictures shows and means nothing. It’s a picture. And even if they say ‘fishing for like lol’ it doesn’t make it any less stupid.
  5. When people get annoyed if you say ‘I only got an A/B’. I don’t say that because it’s a bad grade. I know it’s not. I say it because I can do better. Truth be told I’m lazy and don’t revise and I don’t really deserve anything. But still, don’t take it the wrong way.
  6. People who ask what I’m reading and then say they hate reading. I’m reading. I clearly don’t hate it. And if I’m reading don’t even talk to me. And honestly, I don’t care if you don’t.
  7. People who only talk to you when they’re sad. I have a friend to whom I haven’t spoken to properly since I helped her with a break up. I have tried, but I’m invisible to her. Despite the fact I’m the only one who helped her.
  8. People who like to think they have the worst life in the world. Think your life is shit is normal for people my age. But when I console in someone about how I needed counseling or they asked me things about my past and they then feel the need to out-pity me it’s annoying. Even if their life is worse than mine. Or people who basically tell me I can’t be sad because there are people with worse lives out there. What, can I not be happy either because people out there are happier?
  9. The biggest pet peeve; when people judge me on my past. Sure, I was a shitty person. A liar, an attention seeker; but I’m not that anymore. I learned from my mistakes, converted religion (well, it’s not technically a religion), and I’ve never and will never do it again. And then people still hate me, well, they hate the person I used to be and can’t let it go. And then they like to remind me of it; even though I remember it every day anyway.

The best type of video game?

I’m going to get straight to the point. Games that play on the butterfly effect are the best games. And by that I mean games where your choices influence the outcome. The more possible outcomes, the better the game. Games where if you choose one thing, it effects you later on. I’m going to use ‘Until Dawn’ (PS4) as my example.

In Until Dawn (spoilers!)  your outcomes can range from everybody living and everybody dying. If you choose to pick up an object, or read a book, it could come in use later on. Going left or going right could be between life and death. If you choose to ‘sacrifice’ yourself (spoiler. it’s a prank), then you gain a relationship with somebody else and they help you later on (thus, saving your life). You can also define each characters traits, as well as their relationships with other characters. Unfortunately I can’t afford a PS4 but I’ve watched plenty of playthroughs online. Other examples of this type of game are ‘Life is Strange’, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ and ‘Heavy Rain’.

Other things that make games good… image, that’s obvious. The new Tomb Raider pleases me due to it’s clarity. I’m very picky about the image of the games I play. Also, the story and dialogue. There’s a lot of games out there, so it is hard to come up with things we haven’t seen before. But a good, flowing story line with a good, not-rushes ending is key. I’ve never been one for Fifa or COD or whatever; I like games to have stories. I want to learn something. Be intrigued. And with dialogue… people often overlook it. It can’t be bland. I want to learn about the characters; I don’t want them to all sound the same. Make they each have personalities, and they talk about things other than ‘I have a bad feeling about this’ or ‘we’ve gotta get out of here!’.

Puzzles also make them good. Puzzles and action. By puzzles I don’t mean a literal one like in Professor Layton. It could be more discreet. Like having to figure out a combination to a safe. And with action, I like a challenge, but not a throw-your-controller-at-the-tv-challenge. I may sound boring, but that’s just me. And constant action can get a little tiresome and repetitive. Allow the user to use their brain in a fight; like allowing them to shoot other objects to blow the enemy up or something.

The final thing is setting. On one hand I like a certain path you have to follow, but I also love a game with an open world. You’re given more freedom, and it’s like a virtual reality (I’m thinking of Skyrim here, to be honest). I also enjoy it when you can create your character. Make them look like you (or what you wished you looked like). Then it feels like you’re truly in the game.

Not really any purpose of this blog, but it’s a thought. If you’re like me, you may enjoy these games… 1. Assassin’s Creed (most of them). 2. Uncharted 3. Tomb Raider and Lara Croft in general 4. Heavy Rain 5. Beyond: Two Souls 6. Lego. It’s a guilty pleasure. 7. Skyrim. The open world is amazing! 8. GTA 5. I’m not on about so you can go to an animated strip club; but you do get a lot of freedom in it.

For me

I’m writing this for myself. Not that I mind if anyone else reads it; you may realise something too. I’m writing this and hoping that perhaps something will come to mind…

I’ve hit a point in my life where I literally don’t leave my house except for school. And then maybe I’ll stay behind for revision. I do have friends, but really they’re just ‘school friends’. I have another friend that I’ve had since Primary School, but in reality, we’re not friends anymore. We’ve grown apart, but we’re both in denial about that. We even call each other ‘best friends’, but that really isn’t the case. And if we go off to different colleges/ sixth forms or whatever next year, we probably will never talk again.

In my room, I pretty much only watch TV, anime, movies and read books, comics and mangas. I also watch YT and play video games somewhere in there (and maybe a bit of revision, maybe). I only ever talk to my family when I want something and when dinner’s ready. That’s mainly due to the fact I’m very un-family orientated. Blood couldn’t mean less to me. My only family is my twin sister. I wish I was family orientated; I remember my mum once told me she would rather me do drugs but tell her I love her rather than be an A-A* student who’s like a robot. And the worst part? I ignored her for a year, and I didn’t even care (note. I live with my grandparents, not my mother). And I suppose it’s true. I am like a robot. I’m also quite selfish. But I’d never admit that in person.

I’m finding life boring. That’s why I escape to fictional worlds. That’s why I shut myself away. The characters I see and read about become my best friends. Don’t get me wrong, I do things like Summer Schools, NCS, Cadets; but it’s still not enough. It’s repetitive. People like to think they’re unique, but in reality I’ve probably met at least 5 people like you. And conversations are pointless. It’s either opinions, gossip, stories or deep things. And I just can’t be bothered. I suppose most of this is because I matured far quicker than too many people. I don’t find fun in throwing paper balls into the bin, or whatever. It’s just all so pointless. In the end I’ll just end up with a job, pay some bills, have a house and then die. (I didn’t add meet somebody or have kids because I don’t plan on marriage or having children).

The worst part about finding life boring is that basically nobody else does. Everybody else is out there having fun, and I’m just in here. And don’t think I’m stupid, don’t think I’m not trying, because I am. I’m just sort of invisible. The only reason I stand out is because I’m not white in a very non-diverse county. Not only that, but my family normally think something’s wrong with me. And, they like to make fun of me. The amount of times they’ve asked me if I actually have any friends is pretty irritating. And not going to lie, the only reason I haven’t killed myself is because of 3 reasons. 1. I’m a coward. 2. I couldn’t do that to my family. 3. I have hope. I hope that I’ll find my ‘calling’ in the future. Whether that be a place, a hobby or a person.

Another thing with my life is having a sister in a loving relationship. She’s either over his, or he’s over ours. He’s a nice lad, I’ll be honest. Treats her like a princess. And I’m sort of jealous. My sister used to have depression, and then he came along. I guess I sort of imagine somebody doing that for me. Coming along and helping me. But in truth, the only person who can help me, is me. The only person I can rely on, is me. And always, only me. I don’t really want a relationship. Sure, they’re cute and all. But my past relationships have… showed me that they bring out the worst in me. Honestly I get attached so fucking fast and I keep wanting to prove to myself that they actually care about me. ‘I’m in love with the idea of being in love’. I’m quite conflicted. I want somebody to be my friend, but I also want to be alone. I find myself irritated a large percentage of the time because of other people. Happiness, real happiness, in intelligent and wise people (they’re different things, and I don’t mean one or the other; I mean if a person is both) is rare. You see things others don’t.

Nobody’s going to read this, and I don’t mind. I didn’t figure anything out whilst typing it, but it feels a bit better having it out there in words.

The annoying part in Tomb Raider…

Let me start off by saying I love Tomb Raider, Lara Croft; all of it. I’ve played games (yet to play the new one… but oh wait, it’s out on fucking PS4). It English has a sexy, brave and British protagonist, has awesome fights against Gods, Dinosaurs and Centaurs (older games), and they tend to have great story lines. And the most recent reboot of the franchise was no exception; except of course they showed us a Lara before she became the legend we’ve all come to know and love.

Anyway, now onto the annoying part. I tend to be okay with deaths in movies and books. I didn’t even cry at The Fault in Our Stars. But Alex’s death (spoiler?) in the game messed me up. For those of you who are yet to play this one, Alex is a geeky, electrical engineer, sarcastic person, who clearly doesn’t belong in the fucked up place of Yamatai. He’s also adorable, and kind. He also likes Lara (it’s highly hinted).

And then, of course, he dies whilst on a simple mission. He made it so far on the island only to have to blow himself up (to save Lara). And Lara, probably knowing he liked her, gave him a kiss on the cheek and left.

A kiss on the fucking cheek.

If you know someone likes you, and they’re fucking killing themselves so you can live, at least give them a snog right? And not only that, but he was so fucking innocent and unlucky his death was just pointless and miserable. It’s been ages since I’ve played the game, but even just remembering it fucks me up.

Stuck on what to do for a monologue?

Honestly I don’t know if I’ll post this. I was just thinking a couple of things and I’m seeing if I write them down if they make any sense.

I was thinking about anime, and I remembered a time where I had no idea what to do for my monologue for BTEC Drama (I’m year 11). It had to be from a published piece; so famous movie monologues weren’t allowed. But, I found a way to still do something I loved. Manga, comics and books still counted as published pieces. And as an otaku, that opened a lot of doors. In the end I chose one from Death Note, and another from Antigone (a play, not a manga).

Anyway, back to what this is really about. How to choose a monologue. Before I start, let me just make one thing clear; don’t use a monologue book.

I’m just going to tell you the questions I ask myself when coming up with an idea. The first is: ‘How challenging do I want it to be?’ Your answer to this should then help choose what your characters personality is, and the scenario. (Easy being a character very much like yourself in an everyday scenario, hard being your opposite in the middle of a battle in fucking Middle Earth or something). Secondly, you have to ask yourself whether you want to explore new texts, or do something that you’ve perhaps analysed before, or just genuinely know very well. Of course, choosing something you know is easier, as well as it narrowing down your choices. Thirdly, make sure you like it.  Don’t just say ‘oh, it’ll be alright’. Make sure you know you can really get into it. If not, look again. And don’t think that you like it just by reading the monologue itself; read the book or play (or synopsis) at least. Know your character. Know the feeling you want. And be honest with yourself. Do you really think that character is right for you? Sure, you may want to try something new or challenge yourself. But remember; in the world of acting, an actor just sometimes can’t do a character. And that’s not because they can’t act. It’s purely because it’s not right for them. Fourthly, keep in mind the feel of the monologue. Choosing one that’s sad or comical could make the difference. Like before; one may not be your best suit. Don’t feel like you have to do a tragedy from Shakespeare’s works; feel free to do something light. You don’t want to make your teacher depressed, especially if they’ve seen others that were similar.

The main things to keep in mind here are; difficulty, time period, scenario, feel and back ground. Also don’t be afraid to go outside the box. This could be your chance to show who you are; if you’re nerdy, find one like that if you want. If you’re a tomboy; do one you can relate to in that way. Read your monologue like you, as a person, would say it, and hear how that sounds. When I did Death Note I actually did a duologue. But it was between me and a ‘God’, that only my character could see and hear. So I used that, and made it a monologue. This gave me the chance to show how I could react to things, and I could test my ability to ‘see what isn’t there’.

You probably knew all of this. But, I hope it was a help. 🙂